11 Most Inspiring Brain Tumour and Brain Cancer Books

In a world where facing the challenges of brain tumours and brain cancer can often feel isolating and overwhelming, these inspiring books stand as beacons of hope and resilience. Each of these narratives sheds light on the remarkable journeys of individuals who refused to be defined by their diagnoses.

Through their words, they invite us into their experiences of pain, uncertainty, and transformation. These stories remind us that the human spirit possesses an innate strength that can conquer even the most daunting circumstances.

A Brain Tumour’s Travel Tale: Cards On The Table, I Pooed Myself

She had it all: a good job, a wonderful boyfriend, and loyal friends, but she also had something she didn’t want – a brain tumour. 12 years after the shock diagnosis, life-saving surgery and years of rehabilitation, Claire has written a book to help other people when their life does not go according to plan.

This book is the story of hope, of recovery and what happens when life doesn’t go according to your plan. Claire realised she had gained so much helpful information from her experience over the past 12 years that she could put it all into a very relatable book that she hopes can change people’s lives. Not just the survivor, but their loved ones, who will gain a better understanding of how to assist, be kind and patient. Often they are dealing with a perceived new person, as brain tumours can cause fundamental changes, both mentally and physically.

Starting at the Finish Line: My Cancer Partner, Perspective and Preparation

“Matt Newman, a wholesaler in finance, stressed preparing for the unexpected. But when diagnosed with grade three astrocytoma at 39, he faced a new reality. Supported by his family and father-in-law Larry, a fellow cancer survivor, Matt’s memoir details their journey to acceptance and gratitude.”

I Quit: Facing Cancer with Faith, Family and Friends

“I Quit” is an inspiring call-to-action for those confronting tough situations, even cancer, urging them to embrace positivity, faith, and humour. Facing a second brain cancer diagnosis, Kristina Kotlus redefines quitting as a fresh start. Through relatable anecdotes, she navigates surviving both diagnoses with family, friends, and faith, all told in a humorous, sincere, and relatable manner. Readers are encouraged to rise above challenges, wipe away tears, and persevere.

It’s All In My Head: How to Survive a Brain Tumour and Find Peace of Mind

Jo’s story recounts her four-month bout with constant dizziness in early 2016, leading to a vital MRI scan. The results uncovered a Hemangioblastoma, a benign blood vessel tumour, in her cerebellum, necessitating urgent brain surgery. Her narrative not only explores her emotional struggles and unusual physical sensations but also aims to provide comfort and guidance to fellow brain tumour patients and their supporters. Jo’s transformed outlook after her ordeal offers hope and insights for anyone facing health crises or assisting patients, highlighting the potential for positive perspectives in difficult situations.

Two Steps Forward: Embracing life with a brain tumor

On a Friday in May, Claire Snyman experiences her first migraine, but it’s not work-related stress – she’s diagnosed with a rare brain tumour. This blindsides the busy marketing executive and her family, leading them through a journey of medical advice, coping with symptoms, and adjusting to the new reality. “Two Steps Forward” follows Claire’s candid account of life with a brain tumour, her surgery, and her recovery. This touching book highlights the challenges and triumphs, revealing the impact on both the individual and their loved ones while offering inspiration for anyone facing life-changing situations.

Tallulah Tumour – Friend or Foe?

Fiona Goldsby triumphs over a brain tumour and pens “Tallulah Tumour, Friend or Foe?” to offer guidance, humour, and insights to fellow patients, caregivers, and families. Proceeds benefit Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Brain Tumour’s Wife

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, along comes a diagnosis that really hits you for six. This is the story told by the wife of the brain tumour patient showing exactly how such a terrible diagnosis has an effect on all areas of their lives and how having faith has helped get them through the toughest of times.

Learning To Dance In The Rain

“Learning to Dance in the Rain” is the inspiring sequel to Anna’s first book, “You Are My Sunshine.” After brain surgery, Anna faces new challenges, slow recovery, and unexpected setbacks. Supported by her loved ones, she navigates a journey filled with highs and lows. The Amazon reviews for the first book praise Anna’s bravery and optimism. The sequel promises to continue her story of resilience, offering readers a heartfelt exploration of life’s difficulties and the strength to overcome them.

Jon: A True Story of Love, Courage and Faith

Jon Fredrickson was 16 when he started to complain of headaches and sickness. An eyesight test revealed the shocking news that he had developed a brain tumour. Over the months and years that followed, Jon and his devoted family endured a roller-coaster ride of treatment and therapy, diagnosis and disappointment, until finally, no more could be done for Jon, and he died at the age of only 26 with his devoted parents at his bedside. Jon’s illness did not prevent this brave young man from setting up home on his own, travelling around the country independently and embarking on a successful career. His mother Jacky kept a diary of her years of trial, and she has now developed it into this moving and inspiring book.

If You Love Me, Take Me Now

A truly remarkable love story of a family’s struggle with brain cancer. From the onset of symptoms through diagnosis and treatment, the author articulately chronicles events as they unfold. Fears and raw emotions will capture the reader and give them an insider’s view of a husband and wife’s struggle to stay alive. The odds against what happened to this family are incalculable.

Sickbed To Summits: The Story Of Triumph Over Adversity

When first diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma, like many others, Sara went straight to the internet. Finding seemingly endless accounts of surgery, often with permanent, unwanted side effects, she was determined to make the best of the hand she’d been dealt. Despite a number of serious complications, Sara has returned to living life to the full and beyond, embracing every opportunity and taking on numerous seemingly impossible challenges. In Sickbeds to Summits, Sara documents the ups and downs of life with a brain tumour diagnosis and how, through drive and determination, despite some tough side effects including fatigue, hearing loss, tinnitus, impaired vision and balance function, she has made it through treatment and beyond all expectations.


I hope you will be inspired by one or more of these books about fighting and surviving brain cancer or a brain tumour. Let us know in the comments if you have already read one of these books. 


Most Inspiring Brain Tumour and Brain Cancer Books


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