Podcast: Matthew’s Astrocytoma Story

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Matthew, whose life took an unexpected turn following a sudden and startling health diagnosis. Matthew shares the narrative of how, despite feeling relatively healthy, a series of focal-aware seizures led him to discover he had a complex, extensive brain tumour that required immediate and aggressive treatment.

Matthew’s Astrocytoma Story


A Normal Day Turned Life-Changing

Matthew recalls an ordinary Thursday in October, playing football and feeling fit, only to experience what he describes as being struck by lightning 60 minutes into the game. This moment marked the beginning of a completely heart-wrenching journey for him, leading to the diagnosis of a brain tumour after experiencing numerous seizures and undergoing various medical examinations.

The Diagnosis Process

Despite not exhibiting classic symptoms typically associated with brain tumours, such as headaches, nausea, or memory issues, Matthew’s ordeal began with what he initially thought was just fatigue from stress and work. However, after a focal seizure that dramatically altered his sense of normalcy, he found himself on a fast track to emergency medical consultations, including CT scans that confirmed the presence of a tumour.

The Emotional and Physical Journey

Matthew openly discusses the emotional whirlwind following his diagnosis, highlighting the fear, devastation, and complex process of coming to terms with a condition described as treatable but incurable. He talks about undergoing a 10-hour brain surgery, which was just the start of his treatment journey involving radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Managing Seizures and Medication

Post-surgery, Matthew faced the challenge of managing seizures with medication, dealing with the side effects of treatment, and adjusting to a new normal. He emphasizes the importance of support systems, including his family, healthcare professionals, and counselling services, in navigating the emotional and physical hurdles of living with a brain tumour.

Finding Hope and Purpose

Despite the challenges, Matthew finds solace in connecting with others who are going through similar experiences, participating in awareness campaigns, and leveraging the support from brain tumour charities. He stresses the significance of hope, peer support, and the need for increased funding for brain tumour research.

Giving Back and Making Noise

Matthew’s story is also one of advocacy and purpose. He shares his involvement with The Brain Tumour Charity campaign and the importance of using his voice to support research and awareness efforts. Through his journey, Matthew has discovered a new sense of purpose, contributing to a cause that affects many yet remains underfunded.

Gratitude and Moving Forward

Reflecting on his journey, Matthew expresses deep gratitude towards his wife, healthcare providers, and the charities that have supported him. Despite his diagnosis, he remains hopeful and determined, focusing on living a fulfilling life.


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