Podcast: Kimberley’s Astrocytoma Story

In this podcast episode of Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show, Kimberley talks about her Astrocytoma diagnosis and the support she has found in brain tumour charities. Especially in ⁠The Brain Tumour Charity⁠ and ⁠Brain Tumour Support⁠. Kimberley’s journey began with migraines, a constant presence since her teens, escalating over time alongside undiagnosed absence seizures. Despite seeking medical help, her symptoms were dismissed until a severe migraine led to a seizure, prompting the necessary scans.

Kimberley’s Astrocytoma Story


Symptoms and Diagnosis:

  • Kimberley has a history of migraines and absence seizures since a young age.
  • Initial dismissal of symptoms by healthcare professionals as anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Intense migraine episodes lead to seizures and hospitalization.
  • Challenges faced in getting a timely diagnosis, including repeated visits to GP and A&E.
  • Delayed scan and eventual diagnosis of a brain tumour.

Treatment and Recovery:

  • The experience of MRI scans and receiving the diagnosis.
  • The impact of the diagnosis on Kimberley’s life and mental health.
  • Surgery and challenges faced during recovery, including sepsis and infections.
  • Delayed radiotherapy due to complications.
  • The role of family, friends, and healthcare professionals in supporting Kimberley.
  • Coping mechanisms and finding purpose in fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Challenges Faced:

  • Loss of independence and identity, including losing the ability to drive.
  • Isolation and adjusting to life post-diagnosis.
  • Advocacy for improved awareness and support for brain tumour patients.
  • Fundraising efforts and involvement with support groups.


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