Podcast: Rudy’s Diffuse Astrocytoma Story

In this Aunty M Brain Tumour’s Talk Show episode, we have guest Rudy Fischmann. He discusses his brain tumour journey. He was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Diffuse Astrocytoma in 2018, which led to a Grade 3 Astrocytoma. Despite facing numerous challenges, including surgeries, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and insurance hurdles, Rudy maintains a positive outlook. He emphasizes the importance of physical activity, adapting to new circumstances, and not letting the diagnosis define one’s identity. Rudy also shares his project, a Cancer-Themed Rock Opera aimed at raising funds for Teen Cancer America and the Teenage Cancer Trust. He invites others to join him in this creative endeavour. Through his story and projects, Rudy inspires others to remain proactive and hopeful, regardless of the hurdles they face.

INTERVIEW: Battling a Diffuse Astrocytoma yet still raising funds for Teen Cancer America and the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

Aunty M Brain Tumour’s Talk Show with Guest Rudy Fischmann

Rudy’s Journey:

    • Diagnosed in 2018.
    • Experienced odd symptoms for 4-5 years.
    • Misdiagnosed with allergies, pinched nerve, and exhaustion.
    • MRI in another state revealed a brain tumour.

Medical System Challenges:

    • Doctors often look for the most likely diagnosis.
    • Insurance companies dictate a lot of care.
    • Rudy’s age and physical fitness made a brain tumour seem unlikely.

Diagnosis Experience:

    • MRI revealed a mass in Rudy’s brainstem and cerebellum.
    • Urgent surgery followed.
    • Two craniotomies due to complications.


    • Only a portion of the tumour was removed.
    • Rudy underwent chemo and radiation.
    • Importance of patient choice in treatment decisions.

Grading of the Tumour:

    • Initial diagnosis of grade 2, later upgraded to grade 4.
    • Challenges with standard treatments.
    • Importance of genomic testing.

Living with a Brain Tumour:

    • Physical challenges and adaptations.
    • Importance of daily physical activity and cognitive engagement.
    • Rudy’s involvement in advocacy and the Low-Grade Glioma Registry.

Cancer Rock Opera:

    • Inspired by ‘The Who’ and their association with Teen Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America.
    • Over 30 songs, each relating to cancer.
    • Follows the journey of a teen cancer brain tumour patient who is also a pop star.
    • Looking for collaborators and participants.


    • Importance of advocacy and support.
    • Rudy’s dedication to helping others and raising awareness.
    • Call to action for listeners to get involved.

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Conclusion: Wow, what a warrior you are. You can say you already have done the Iron Man challenge with your own personal battles.  I absolutely agree that helping others can help a person process their own situation.


Rudy Fischmann was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Diffuse Astrocytoma in his Cerebellum and Brain Stem - He was then diagnosed with a Grade 3

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