Podcast: I Bounced Back Very Quickly After My Brain Tumour Surgery

Interview: I Bounced Back Very Quickly After My Brain Tumour Surgery

In 2011, Julia Lavington’s life took a turn when she began experiencing severe dizziness. Misdiagnosed with a sinus infection, her condition worsened, leaving her nauseous and unable to walk straight. After unsuccessful treatments, a private consultation revealed a shocking truth – she had a brain tumour. With two young children, Julia faced the unexpected news. The NHS support she received at Maidstone Hospital was exceptional, guiding her through scans and referrals. Julia discussed her coping strategies during MRI scans, including counting songs to gauge time. Her remarkable recovery and lack of ongoing issues have been a positive outcome. Despite not actively seeking local support groups, Julia acknowledges the importance of sharing experiences and offering hope to others in similar situations.

Julia’s Diagnosis and Early Challenges:

  • Julia explains her initial symptoms in 2011, including dizziness and misdiagnosis of a sinus infection.
  • Her condition worsened, leading to nausea, severe dizziness, and difficulty walking.
  • Diagnosed with Labyrinthitis, an inner ear infection, Julia received ineffective treatment.
  • Seeking private consultation due to lack of progress, she ultimately ended up in A&E and was shocked to learn she had a brain tumour.

Navigating the Journey with Children and NHS Support:

  • Julia discusses her two children’s reactions to her diagnosis. Molly (7) found it adventurous, while Harry (10) coped more maturely.
  • Praise for the NHS: Despite its reputation, Julia found the support from healthcare professionals outstanding.
  • The caring and sensitive approach of Maidstone Hospital’s staff during diagnosis and referral to Kings Hospital.

The Ongoing Checkup Routine and MRI Experience:

  • Julia shares her current checkup routine, aiming for discharge after five years.
  • The MRI experience: Julia and hosts discuss the discomfort and claustrophobia associated with MRI scans.
  • The introduction of mirrors in newer machines, allowing patients to see behind them, making a significant difference.
  • Coping strategies during MRI scans, such as counting songs to estimate time.

Support and Moving Forward:

  • Julia’s remarkable recovery and lack of ongoing problems post-surgery.
  • Mention of a supportive brain tumour community that provides valuable insights and information.
  • Discussion of local support groups and charities that can be helpful for those in need.

Wrapping Up with Hope:

  • Reflection on the importance of sharing stories with positive outcomes.
  • Acknowledgement of the fear and uncertainty for those in the early stages of their journey.
  • Julia’s gratitude for being part of the episode and Eileen and Claire’s well-wishes for her future.


  • Eileen and Claire express gratitude to Julia for sharing her story and insights.
  • Warm farewells and well wishes exchanged among the hosts and Julia.

Julia’s MRI Tips

I listen out for the music and count 5 or 10 songs which means it will be over soon.

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