Can I Listen to Music in My MRI? YES!! Here Are The Best MRI Songs

The Best MRI Songs You Don't Expect To Hear In Your Scan

Have you ever wondered, Can I listen to music during an MRI?

Something that people must deal with when they are on their brain tumour journey is MRI scans. If you have had an MRI scan yourself, you will know it sounds a bit like you are sitting nearby a construction site. For some people, it is no problem and no big deal, but to others, it can be very unsettling and unnerving.

I had my first MRI Scan in 2008, and it was never my favourite part of the journey as I’m not great in confined spaces. To make things a bit easier for me, I asked my radiologist to play music through the headphones they give you, and more times than not, they were able to do this.

Here Is Music You Don’t Expect To Hear In Your MRI Scan!

Here Is Some Music You Don’t Expect To Hear On Your MRI.

  1. GOOD VIBRATIONS – Beach Boys
  3. NOISE ANNOYS – The Buzzcocks
  4. DIZZY – Tommy James
  5. I CAN’T GET YOU OUTTA MY HEAD – Kylie Minogue
  6. ‎ALWAYS ON MY MIND – Elvis Presley
  8. MAP OF YOUR HEAD! – Muse
  9. ‎STUCK ON YOU – Lionel Richie
  10. INSANE IN THE BRAIN – Cypress Hill
  11. HELLO – Lionel Richie
  12. BAD BRAIN – The Ramones

Music You Don't Expect To Hear In Your MRI Scan
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Best Songs For  Listening To In An MRI Scan
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The Best MRI Songs You Don't Expect To Hear In Your Scan
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