Podcast: Cancer Treatment: The ChemoSeed Implant

In this Aunty M Brain Tumour’s Talk Show episode, we speak with Dr Christopher McConville, an expert in drug delivery for cancer treatment, who is dedicated to addressing the challenges in brain tumour and pancreatic cancer therapy. 

In this interview, Christopher McConville discusses a drug delivery implant called “ChemoSeed”. Dr. McConville has a background in the development and translation into the clinic of novel drug delivery techniques, with a focus on cancer.

Listen Below: The ChemoSeed Implant

Things mentioned in the PODCAST:

🎙Dr. McConville is particularly interested in brain tumours and pancreatic cancer, which have seen a slight improvement in survival rates over the last 40 years, primarily due to challenges in drug delivery to the cancerous tissue.

🎙Dr. McConville and his team have developed a drug delivery implant called “ChemoSeed” to target brain tumours more effectively, initially using the chemotherapy drug Irinotecan.

🎙The ChemoSeed implant is designed to be implanted directly into the tumour tissue left behind during surgery, allowing for localized drug delivery with reduced systemic side effects.

🎙Dr. McConville’s team has completed preclinical studies and is seeking funding to move into clinical trials, with the goal of extending survival for high-grade glioma patients by six months without causing toxicity.

🎙Dr. McConville emphasizes the need for philanthropic support to bridge the funding gap and accelerate the development of this potential treatment.

🎙Dr. McConville also advocates for increased public awareness and involvement in brain tumour research to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.

🎙Dr. McConville acknowledges the challenges and the importance of encouraging young researchers to enter the field of brain tumour research despite the difficulties involved.

🎙Dr. McConville’s team consists of four board members, additional researchers in his lab, and an advisory board comprising experts in neurosurgery, oncology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs.

Watch On YouTube: The ChemoSeed Implant

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