Podcast: Grace’s Pilocytic Astrocytoma Story

In this inspiring episode of the Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show Podcast, Grace shares her incredible journey of overcoming a brain tumour, shedding light on the importance of Brain Tumour Awareness Month. From unusual symptoms to diagnosis, treatment, and life after recovery, Grace’s story is a testament to resilience, the importance of self-advocacy, and the power of community support.

Grace’s Pilocytic Astrocytoma Story

Introduction to Grace’s Brain Tumour Story:

Grace opens up about her life-changing journey, beginning with her early symptoms during her final year at university. Unlike the common symptoms of headaches and vision loss, Grace experienced unique challenges, including the loss of control over her right side, balance issues, and sudden clumsiness.

Diagnosis Process:

Grace shares the frustrating journey toward her diagnosis, highlighting the initial dismissal of her symptoms by healthcare professionals and the critical role of persistence in seeking answers.

Surgery and Recovery:

Grace undergoes a craniotomy, leading to immediate improvements in her symptoms. She discusses the emotional and physical aspects of her recovery, including the joy of regaining her handwriting ability shortly after surgery.

Facing Recurrence and Further Treatment:

Grace’s story takes a challenging turn with the recurrence of her tumour, leading to a second surgery and radiotherapy. She candidly talks about the difficulties of recovery the second time around and the additional complications she faced.

Ongoing Challenges and Mental Health:

Grace touches on the long-term impacts of her diagnosis, including PTSD and the importance of mental health support. She advocates for therapy and open discussions about the emotional aftermath of surviving a brain tumour.

Community and Support:

Highlighting the significance of community, Grace shares her involvement with the Brain Tumour Charity’s Twilight Walk, expressing the sense of belonging and support found within the brain tumour community.

Life Now and Moving Forward:

Grace reflects on how her journey has shaped her perspective on life, embracing opportunities and advocating for awareness. She emphasizes the importance of continuous support, both for those directly affected by brain tumours and their loved ones.

How to Support and Connect:

For those inspired by Grace’s story or looking to support brain tumour awareness, she provides information on how to participate in events like the Twilight Walk and ways to connect with her through social media and her blog.  DONATE HERE




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