Podcast: Henna’s Brain Tumour Story

In this impactful episode of the Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show, our host delves into an insightful conversation with Henna, a young individual who bravely shares her journey with a brain tumour. As part of Brain Tumour Awareness Month, Henna’s story underscores the importance of symptom awareness, the complexities of diagnosis, and the challenges of navigating the healthcare system, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Henna’s Journey Begins:

  • Henna recounts the initial onset of her symptoms, marked by migraines that became progressively severe over time, leading her to seek medical attention in early 2021.
  • Initial misdiagnoses focused on hormonal causes, leading to changes in contraceptives but no real relief from symptoms.

Challenges and Misdiagnoses:

  • Throughout the pandemic, Henna faced increasing difficulty with her symptoms, compounded by lockdown restrictions and remote consultations that delayed proper diagnosis.
  • Despite repeated visits to healthcare providers, her symptoms were attributed to stress or hormonal issues, without any referrals for scans or face-to-face appointments.

A Turning Point at the Optician:

  • A routine eye check-up in 2021 led to an urgent referral to the hospital after an optician noticed abnormalities. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a path towards the correct diagnosis.

Hospital Ordeals and Diagnosis:

  • After numerous hospital visits and a misdirected lumbar puncture, an MRI scan finally revealed a significant brain tumour.
  • Henna shares the emotional and physical toll of her diagnosis and the subsequent surgery, all while navigating the solitude imposed by COVID-19 restrictions.

Recovery and Reflection:

  • Post-surgery, Henna discusses her physical recovery, her return to work, and the emotional challenges that emerged over time, including dealing with the aftermath of her ordeal.
  • She stresses the importance of psychological support and the need to find a community of individuals who have undergone similar experiences.

Gratitude and Looking Forward:

  • Henna expresses profound gratitude towards her husband for his unwavering support throughout her journey.
  • She emphasizes the importance of early and specialized psychological support for individuals undergoing similar experiences and encourages others to find their community for shared understanding and support.

This episode not only highlights the resilience and courage of those affected by brain tumours but also serves as a call to action for increased awareness, early detection, and the importance of psychological support alongside physical recovery. Henna’s story is a testament to the strength found in vulnerability and the power of sharing one’s journey to help others feel less alone.

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