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11 Things You Need To Do If You Have Survived A Brain Tumour

Once you have left the hospital and are sent home with several drugs and a few letters saying you will be sent to a rehabilitation…


I Was Diagnosed With A Central Neurocytoma

Amber Spicer was diagnosed with a Central Neurocytoma on October 23, 2016. She shares her experience and how after her ordeal, she decided to make…


Top 10 Games To Exercise Your Brain

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Feel Better About Yourself With These 4 Ways

It can be so easy to only see the negative side of our life If you stood back and saw your life in a movie.…


Ways To Deal With Personality Changes

Personality Change is one of the hardest things to cope with for everybody I was a nightmare leading up to my diagnosis and even more…


Brain Tumour Survivor: How To De-Stress Yourself In Hard Times

It is not easy to have a brain tumour. Sometimes brain tumours may cause changes in behaviour. This usually happens when a tumour is in…


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