Quick Ways to De-Stress Yourself In Hard Times

It is not easy when you have been affected by a brain tumour. It can very much be the most stressful time in your life. All you want to do is de-stress.

I asked people on the Aunty M Brain Tumours Chat Room on Facebook Page and Twitter Page if people are or were struggling because of their temper, aggression, emotions and how they deal with it.

“Yell louder! Works for me!”

“Praying and humour”

“When others annoy me I sing a song in my mind or thinking of something else while they are talking”

“The best cure for me is laughter and love!!! A good fun time beats the worry and stress every time!”

“I write things down to get them out of my thoughts and also keep a daily diary for my kids for when they are older so they know why things happened the way they did, why some days I was grumpy but mainly the great times we spent together”

“Go for a walk”

“Spend time in nature”

“Call a good friend.”

“Sweat out tension with a good workout.”

Leave a comment and tell us your best de-stress reliever?

Watch Out These Great Suggestions To De-Stress

I think you will find these ways to de-stress very helpfully.

Best ways to de-stress yourself in hard times


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