Brain Tumour Survivor: How To De-Stress Yourself In Hard Times

It is not easy to have a brain tumour. Sometimes brain tumours may cause changes in behaviour. This usually happens when a tumour is in the brain’s cerebral hemispheres. 

If a tumour was in these places, they can cause personality changes:

  • Frontal lobe
  • Temporal lobe

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I asked other brain tumour survivors on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page if people are or were struggling because of their temper/aggression/emotions and how they dealt with it.

“Yell louder! Works for me!”

“Praying and humour”

“When others annoy me I sing a song in my mind or thinking of something else while they are talking”

“The best cure for me is laughter and love!!! A good fun time beats the worry and stress every time!”

“I write things down to get them out of my thoughts and also keep a daily diary for my kids for when they are older so they know why things happened the way they did, why some days I was grumpy but mainly the great times we spent together”

“Go for a walk”

“Spend time in nature”

“Call a good friend.”

“Sweat out tension with a good workout.”

Leave a comment and tell us your best de-stress reliever?

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