Feel Better About Yourself With These 4 Ways

Feel Better About Yourself With These 4 Ways After Being Diagnosed With A Brain Tumour

It can be so easy to only see the negative side of our life

If you stood back and saw your life in a movie. What would it look like?  It is important not to put negative thoughts in your mind. It can actually cause symptoms that don’t need to be there. Here are 4 ways to feel better about yourself.

  1. Stop saying extreme terms like “I always make a mistake” “I never get the promotion I want” “I’ll never” “I can’t do it”
  2. Don’t reinforce negative thoughts
  3. Don’t bully yourself
  4. Accentuate positive things not the negative

Start changing your mindset!


My mind must stay bright, cheerful and enthusiastic, I will think only thoughts that create and fulfil the best in me, I will always choose the thoughts that are most positive and beneficial to me.

Write down things that make you happy and check your list when you feel negative.

If you think a bullet journal might help you remember your good days and the good things that have happened, Find a collection of notebooks on Amazon. click here to get your own.


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Feel Better About Yourself With These 4 Ways


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