PODCAST: Israr’s Petroclival Meningioma Story

In a recent interview on Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show, Israr Jan-Parker shared her journey after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2022. Her diagnosis was unexpected, as she had initially sought medical attention for chronic pain. Israr had a unique and central type of meningioma that affected critical structures in her skull, leading to various health issues, including difficulty walking. Israr’s tumour had been growing for about 15 years but went undetected until a traumatic event, the loss of her mother, caused it to grow faster. She underwent a 16-hour operation that saved her from losing all function in her legs. Although she still faces challenges, such as double vision and balance issues, she remains determined and optimistic about her recovery.

Interview with Israr about her Clival Meningioma


In this episode, we sit down with the remarkable Israr Jan-Parker, who shares her inspiring journey of resilience and recovery after a brain tumour diagnosis. Here are the highlights of her incredible story:

Unexpected Diagnosis: Israr’s journey began in June 2022 when she was diagnosed with a rare and unusual brain tumour known as a clival meningioma. It was discovered incidentally while investigating her chronic back pain and leg issues.

Trauma’s Impact: The trauma of losing her mother in late 2021 seemed to accelerate the tumour’s growth, leading to various health problems, including leg paralysis.

Unwavering Determination: Israr’s determination shone through as she faced the challenges of her 16-hour surgery and post-operative recovery, which included vision issues, balance problems, and sensory overload.

Returning to Work: Israr’s strong will led her to return to Lecturing Marketing and Digital Marketing at Chichester University, starting with a slow and phased approach to regain her independence and continue her career in the fashion industry.

Fundraising: Israr embarked on charity walks and fundraising efforts to support Brain Tumour Research, a cause close to her heart due to her personal experience.

Preparing for a 106km Challenge: Israr’s dedication to raising awareness led her to prepare for a 106-kilometre challenge through regular walks, strength training, and a healthier lifestyle.

Counselling Support: Israr highlighted the importance of counselling for brain tumour patients, emphasizing that it’s okay to feel vulnerable and ask for help during the emotional journey of recovery.

Beyond Recovery Project: Israr acknowledged the valuable work of the Beyond Recovery Project, an organization that empowers brain tumour survivors through challenges and experiences that boost their confidence and sense of achievement.

Israr Jan-Parker’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the support of the community. Her journey serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges.

Find Israr’s Fundraising Page – visit her JustGiving page here.

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