Podcast: Andy’s Meningioma Story

In this episode of the Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show, we hear from Andy Tudor, who shares his personal battle with a brain tumour. Initially dismissing his symptoms as age-related, Andy’s life took a dramatic turn when he was diagnosed with a meningioma. He recounts the challenging period leading to his diagnosis, the impact of waiting for surgery, and the relief steroids brought to his symptoms. Post-surgery, Andy discusses his recovery and also delves into his decision to retire due to fatigue and his subsequent dedication to volunteering.

Andy Tudor has been a brain tumour advocate since his personal battle


Early Signs and Misdiagnosis

  • Symptoms: Fatigue, memory problems, limping, coordination issues while driving.
  • Misdiagnosis: Initially attributed to ageing and later suspected to be rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Emergency Symptoms: Severe headache and vomiting leading to hospitalization.
  • Diagnosis in Hospital: Initially suspected stroke, later diagnosed with a large cranial mass (meningioma).

Treatment and Waiting

  • Steroids: Prescribed to alleviate symptoms.
  • Waiting Period: Six weeks at home before surgery could be scheduled.

Surgery and Hospital Stay

  • Surgery: Successful removal of the meningioma.
  • Post-Op Recovery: Quick, with discharge two days after surgery.

Life After Surgery

  • Challenges: Fatigue and adjustment to post-surgery life.
  • Early Retirement: Due to the after-effects of the surgery and ongoing symptoms.
  • Volunteer Work: Active involvement with the Brain Tumor Charity, Brainstrust and Radiotherapy UK.

Tumor Regrowth and Further Treatment

  • Regrowth: Detected five years post-surgery.
  • Treatment: Targeted stereotactic radiotherapy (gamma knife).

Volunteering and Recognition

  • Activities: Volunteering with brain tumour charities.
  • Awards: Recognition for contributions to charity work.

Volunteering opportunities Mentioned:

The Brain Tumour Charity


Brainstrust Peer Support Page and Andy’s profile: HERE

Personal Impact and Support

  • Family Support: Essential role of Andy’s wife and children.
  • Fatigue Management: Strategies for dealing with post-surgery fatigue.
  • Volunteering Benefits: Therapeutic value and personal fulfillment.

Andy’s Brain Tumour Story on YOUTUBE


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