Podcast: Molly’s Astrocytoma Story

In this Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show episode, we speak to Molly; she shares her diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Molly was diagnosed with an astrocytoma; her story unfolds from a serendipitous trip to Thorpe Park, where the G-force from roller coasters inadvertently led to the discovery of her tumour to the challenging path of diagnosis, surgeries, and recovery. From a series of misdiagnoses, including celiac testing and dismissals of her symptoms, to the eventual lifesaving surgeries and treatments she underwent, Molly’s tale is one of hope and the power of medical intervention at critical moments. Her experiences highlight the importance of awareness, early detection, and the support of loved ones in facing such daunting challenges.


Discovery and Diagnosis

– Molly recounts the seemingly ordinary events leading to her diagnosis, including a trip to Thorpe Park that resulted in a headache, which, in retrospect, was the first symptom of her brain tumour.

– She describes the frustrating journey through misdiagnoses and dismissals by various doctors before finally being referred for an MRI scan that revealed a large mass in her brain.

Astrocytoma Treatment and Challenges

– Molly details her treatments, including two surgeries—the first of which was on her 19th birthday and the latter being an awake surgery—highlighting the complexities and risks involved.

– She speaks about the emotional and physical struggles during her recovery, including relearning to walk and dealing with the side effects of her treatments.

– Molly also touches on the significance of her supportive network, including her family, her dog, and the medical staff, particularly her brain surgeon, Titus, who she credits as her hero.

Life After Diagnosis

– Despite the hardships, Molly shares positive outcomes from her ordeal, such as gaining a new perspective on life, forming strong bonds with those who supported her, and engaging in advocacy and public speaking to raise awareness about brain tumours.

– She discusses the ongoing impact of her condition on her daily life, including the inability to drive due to vision loss and the adjustments she’s had to make to live fully.

Advocacy and Support

– Molly reflects on her work with brain tumour charities and her role as a young ambassador, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness and supporting others going through similar experiences.



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