9 Essentials For Emotional Days

Here are the top 9 essentials for those emotional days when you are feeling low:

It is completely understandable if you are feeling emotionally exhausted. Going through the ups and downs and the rollercoaster of doctor appointments, waiting for results or just waiting for new tablets to settle and stop making you feel rotten.

Try one of these great Self-health ideas

The Calm & Mindful Notebook

Adult Colouring Books

Micro Crochet Motifs

Essential Oils

essentials for emotional days

Brain Tumour Encouraging Book

Self Care Items

essentials for emotional days

essentials for emotional days

Scented Candles

essentials for emotional days


essentials for emotional days

If you are struggling, come and meet others at the Aunty M Brain Tumours Facebook group here,

Which one of these essentials for emotional days is a must-have in your home?

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9 Essentials for emotional days

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