9 Essentials For The New You After Brain Surgery

Essentials For The New You After Brain Surgery

It can be hard to think of what to buy yourself after such a life-changing experience like brain surgery. What many people forget is to take care of yourself emotionally not just physically. Buy things that will really build your confidence and self-worth…

I am a big fan of help-me books or DIY things that make things personalized to me. I have picture frames in my house which all have encouraging quotes or scripture from the bible. I have personalized cushions and even mugs to remind myself that I am a fighter and whatever I am going through that day. I will be ok!

I have put a list of great suggestions for yourself. I hope that no matter what you are going through, you are a warrior and you can do this.

Essential #1

Encouraging Mug

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Essential #2

Be Strong & Courageous Journal 

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Essential #3

Encouraging Keychain

Essential #4

Read A Survivor’s Story

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Essential #5

You Got This Bracelet 

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Essential #6

Wall Art Stickers

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Essential #7

Encouraging Plaque 

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Essential #8

Encouraging Pillow Case 

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Essential #9

Uplifting Music 

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What are your essentials for after brain surgery?

Essential for the new you after brain surgery
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Essentials For The New You After Brain Surgery
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