Surgery Recovery Gifts For This Christmas 2021

Here are some thoughtful gifts to give a loved one or friend at Christmas who has left the hospital after surgery. These are going to be helpful and very welcomed.

Gift Ideas for a Friend in the Hospital or Recovery

I was in the hospital for 17 days when I was having brain surgery and recovery. You can read my story here. If I am honest, I had no interest in doing anything as I was so drugged up. But when I got home, I now had 6 weeks before I could go back to work. It was so important to stay sane and keep myself busy. I was so grateful for gifts from friends and family. I even bought myself some gifts to help with my recovery. These are my favourites!

Here are my suggestions for Surgery Recovery Gifts This Christmas


Alternative Medicine

Automatic Shut-off Electrics

Colouring Books and More

Essential Oils

Pet Gifts

Personalised Gifts

Books (Books and Kindles By Brain Tumour Warriors)

Children’s Books (Books to help children understand illness in a family)


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I hope this list helps someone! I know it’s helping me!

What ideas would you suggest for Surgery Recovery Gifts For This Christmas?

Surgery Recovery Gifts For This Christmas 2021

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