21 Best Christmas After Surgery Gifts

I absolutely love when Christmas comes around because I just love picking out the perfect present for my friends and family. I’ve always enjoyed the build-up to Christmas. Wrapping up presents and putting them under the tree. These Christmas gift ideas are for people affected by a brain tumour or any person who is going through treatment for brain cancer.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumour when I was just 25 in 2008, and I know how sad it can be when you are stuck home for Christmas recovering and everyone else is enjoying the festivities going out or having gatherings at their houses. One of the most important parts of recovery is rest.

If you want a big present, put all the items into a basket!!

21 Best After Surgery Gifts

I hope you enjoy my 21 Best After Surgery Gifts

Tablet Holders – Find Out More Here 

Bath Salts – Find Out More Here 

Wedge Support Pillow Cushion – Find Out More Here

Warm Blanket – Find Out More Here 

Magnetic Fridge Whiteboard Calendar – Find Out More Here

Voice Recorder To Record Appointments – Find Out More Here

Pilates For Life (Beginners) Darcey Bussell  – Find Out More Here

Digital Talking Clock – Find Out More Here 

Head, Neck Pillow – Find Out More Here

Brain Trainer – Find Out More Here

HeadphonesFind Out More Here

Photo Frame or Family Scrap Book – Find Out More Here 

Sleep Serenity Pillow Spray – Find Out More Here 

Sleep Balm – Find Out More Here

Bandanas – Find Out More Here 

Gloves/Hat/Caps – Find Out More Here 

Personal Mug – Find Out More Here 

Fake Flowers – Find Out More Here 

When in Doubt! Get an Amazon Christmas Gift Voucher – Find Out More Here 

Audible Books – Find Out More Here 

Amazon Kindle  – Find Out More Here


What is your favourite item from this list of 21 Best After Surgery Gifts?

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21 Best After Surgery Gifts

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