Podcast: John’s Glioblastoma Story

In a heartfelt episode during Brain Tumour Awareness Month, Charlotte and her mother, Alison, share the deeply moving story of their beloved family member, John, who passed away from a glioblastoma, a type of brain tumour. They discuss John’s sudden diagnosis, the impact on their family, and the journey they went through from discovery to treatment and, finally, his passing. Highlighting the significance of brain tumour awareness, they talk about their charity, John’s Crew, established in John’s memory to support brain tumour research and to share their experience, aiming to help others going through similar struggles. Their story not only sheds light on the challenges faced by families dealing with brain tumours but also emphasizes the importance of research, community support, and making the most of every moment with loved ones.

John’s Glioblastoma Story (Shared by His Family)

Show Notes

  • Introduction to Brain Tumour Awareness Month: The episode starts with the significance of Brain Tumour Awareness Month and introduces guests Charlotte and Alison, who have experienced the loss of John, Charlotte’s dad and Alison’s husband, due to a brain tumour. They discuss their motivation behind participating in the podcast and the creation of their charity, John’s Crew.

  • John’s Health and Diagnosis: John was remembered as an active and rarely sick individual until his sudden collapse on July 3, 2019, leading to the discovery of his glioblastoma brain tumour. The family shares the shock and disbelief of the diagnosis, the initial hope for recovery, and the eventual realization of the severity of his condition.
  • Treatment and Hospital Experience: The narrative moves through John’s treatment journey, including his surgery, the use of innovative treatment like the pink dye for tumour visibility, and the challenges of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The family reflects on John’s strength, humour, and the changes in his personality due to medication.
  • John’s Fight and Family Support: Throughout the ordeal, John’s resilience, humour, and care for his family shine through. Despite the dire prognosis and the progression of his illness, John’s spirit remained unbroken, supported by his loving family and their cherished dog, Daisy.
  • John’s Legacy and Brain Tumour Awareness: The episode delves into the establishment of John’s Crew, the family’s efforts in fundraising for brain tumour research, and their participation in various charitable activities. They stress the lack of funding for brain tumour research and their commitment to making a difference in John’s memory.
  • Final Days and Reflections: John’s final days are described with a mix of sorrow and admiration for his courage. The family shares the comfort in knowing that John was aware of their presence and love in his last moments.
  • Support and Community Engagement: The conversation highlights the support the family received from Brain Tumour Research, their community fundraiser, and the broader community. They encourage others to get involved in their cause and share the importance of making memories and supporting each other through grief.
  • Personal Reflections: Charlotte and Alison offer personal insights into John’s life, their family dynamics, and the impact of his loss. They emphasize the joy and love John brought into their lives and the importance of cherishing those memories.
  • Closing Thoughts: The episode concludes with gratitude towards their supporters, reflections on their journey, and an encouragement for listeners to contribute to brain tumour awareness and research in any way they can.

This episode not only serves as a tribute to John and his family’s resilience but also as a call to action for greater awareness and support for brain tumour research, highlighting the human side of dealing with such devastating diagnoses.



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