Podcast: Brian and Emma’s Oligodendroglioma Story

In this impactful episode of the Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show, Brian and Emma share their journey after Brian suffers a sudden and severe seizure at home, leading to the discovery of a brain tumour. Brian cycled back from work, only to experience a life-changing seizure that Emma, his wife, witnessed. The incident spiralled into a series of medical emergencies, leading to his admission to the high-dependency ward and, later, the shocking diagnosis of an Oligodendroglioma.


🎙️ Discussed:
Brian recounts coming home from work and suddenly having a seizure, which led to him being hospitalized. Emma details the terrifying moment she had to call an ambulance as Brian became non-verbal.
After being rushed to the hospital, Brian is diagnosed with a brain tumour. The episode talks about the process of being transferred to a specialized hospital for surgery and the emotional relief of having a definitive diagnosis despite the nature of the condition.
Brian’s surgery, the complications of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and the impact these treatments had on his cognitive functions, professional life, and daily life. Brian speaks about the difficulty in reading and focusing.
🎙️Support Systems:
Brain and Emma emphasize the importance of support groups and charities, like Brain Tumour Buddies and Brainstrust, which provide them with invaluable resources, connections, and emotional support. They highlight how these groups helped navigate the complexities of living with a brain tumour, from practical advice to emotional solidarity.
🎙️Advocacy and Awareness:
Brian and Emma discuss their involvement in advocacy for brain tumour research and support.

Reflections and Gratitude:

The episode concludes with reflections on their journey, the challenges of living with the aftermath of brain cancer treatment, and expressions of gratitude towards the medical professionals, support groups, and each other.

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