God Is Getting Me Through My 2nd Oligodendroglioma Diagnosis

Yajaira Moran, from Venezuela, South America was having crippling migraines. After tests, she was diagnosed with an Oligodendroglioma. To get through this terrifying time her faith keeps her strong and positive.

What were your symptoms?

I was suffering from terrible headaches. In January 2018 I decided to go to the Neurologist Clínico Hospital, Digna de Parra to talk about my headaches. They gave me a Magnetic Resonance. They said something abnormal showed up on the scan.

On April 26th I went to Neurosurgeon (César Lobo) and had a stereotactic biopsy, I was then diagnosed with an Oligodendroglioma.

What treatment have you had?

I had brain surgery on 28th May 2018 at Coromoto Hospital. The surgery was successful, and the tumour removed. I had some dizziness but I felt ok.

However, I had a relapse in August 2019. I had brain surgery again a few weeks later in September at Coromoto Hospital.

This time I was left with problems with my speech, sometimes people do not understand me. Additionally, I struggle with walking, I feel unstable on my legs. I also have difficulty seeing clearly.

I also had a program to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Yajaira Moran talks about having brain surgery for brain cancer

How are you feeling now?

My life has changed more because last time I had an independent life and right now the treatments make me exhausted and very emotional. I need some help from relatives (Caregivers) to do some things.

Any advice for people or loved ones that get daunting diagnoses?

  • It is important that people have faith, all the time.
  • I think while we are alive we should take all opportunities that we are given.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by God and my family.

What is your most inspired scripture?

I am a Christian and my favourite scripture that helps me is:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” – Joshua 1:9


Yajaira Moran, thank you for reaching out all the way from South America and telling us about your Oligodendroglioma. The word ‘HOPE’ is so powerful and I am so glad you find that in God. I hope all your upcoming treatments are successful and you have many many more years ahead of you.


My headaches were from a Oligodendroglioma which I am fighting for the 2nd time


  1. Simon Barradas
    / 4:12 pm

    That is one strong woman!!! Wishes for a complete recovery. What a testimony, my friend, and an amazing Blessing from God… Celebrating with you god’s goodness of health. May we all be so blessed. Stay safe and healthy. Hallelujah

  2. / 11:13 pm

    Muy querida amiga eres una guerrera te admiro y te aprecio siempre!!!!

  3. isabel morales
    / 6:21 pm

    Belleza asii es sigue dándole cn la mayor Fe y ánimo. Blabla bla bla..

  4. Andrés Elías Devoz
    / 3:57 pm

    You are a brave and strong woman. You’ve always been. You’ll win this battle, because you are a warrior.
    I want you know we love you too much and you are victorious in the name of Jesus.

  5. / 3:44 pm

    Eres una mujer admirable y guerrera. Dios siempre te acompaña y da fortaleza. Tqm mi Yaja ❤️

  6. Gian Moran
    / 3:36 pm

    Dear sister my faith and my strengths accompany you .. You are my favorite hero … I love you very much and from this situation we will be victorious … Amén

  7. Alejandro José Rodríguez Devoz
    / 5:20 pm

    What a touching story, you are a heroine. Victory is for God. Greetings from Bogota, Colombia

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