I Was Diagnosed With A Germinoma

Carolyn Lawton, a wife, mother and retired nurse was diagnosed with a Germinoma in 2018. Carolyn had been suffering from dizziness and lack of coordination. 

Here is Carolyns Germinoma Story:

In 2018 I was feeling dizzy and lacked coordination. I went to the doctor and after tests, I was told I had a brain tumour, a Germinoma. When I heard the words brain tumour I just went into shock.  My husband listened to what would happen next. I was booked in for surgery and radiotherapy.

Having been a nurse most of my life, I knew the struggle I was about to go through. It made it harder. Sometimes I felt that my nursing was a hindrance knowing too much and picturing what they would be doing in theatre and how I would be in ICU

Stroke During Surgery

Sadly the surgery robbed me of a lot of independence I had a stroke during surgery causing a right-sided weakness and can no longer work, drive walk unaided write etc.


I have been continually having neuro physio and hydrotherapy which I love. I take medication, Stemetil for the dizziness, Citalopram for the pissed off-ness. I also take pain relief.

What motivates you?

My motivation is my family.

What is the toughest challenge survivors face?

For me, the lack of independence. Family can be amazing but nobody understands other than people who have been through the same situation.

Any advice for people or loved ones who get daunting diagnoses?

For anyone who is newly diagnosed please take any help offered and tell people what you are feeling. Family and friends need to understand why you are feeling the way you feel, that just because it was 3 years ago it is still something you have to come to terms with every day.


Carolyn Marshall

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