Best Christmas 2021 Him, Her, Friends and Coworkers Gift Guide

Christmas 2021 Him, Her And Friends Gift Guide

Christmas can get a little confusing when you have so many different people to shop for. If you have multiple family members of different ages and genders, it’s only natural that they’re going to want different things.

By knowing what men, women, kids, teenagers, and so on like, you might have an easier time shopping for Christmas gifts. Trying to get an exact read on what somebody wants for Christmas, unless they outright tell you, can be hard.

Gifts for Him

Guys are fortunately pretty easy to shop for most of the time. There are many common interests shared among adult men, making it fairly simple to pick out various gifts that they’ll like and be able to show off to their friends.

The first thing you’ll likely find that he likes is cologne. Whether it’s his preferred brand or a brand new scent, cologne is always a great choice for a guy. Guys love smelling good, and a new cologne can make a world of difference.

If your man is handier than the rest, some new tools would really brighten up his day. Try to find him something that’s a little bit unorthodox as a tool, especially if he already has a decent collection. Men love obscure tools that serve very specific purposes.

Style is important, and some men are pretty style-conscious. If you’ve got some serious spending money, a luxury watch would really turn his head. Watches are an important accessory, especially for businessmen, so a quality one can make a big difference.

Golf is a hugely popular game among guys, even more so in recent years. Getting to spend some time outside is a huge advantage. Getting a beginner a good full set of clubs or an experienced player a brand new driver is a great gift option.

If your man is a bit of a chef, some good cooking equipment can be a thoughtful gift. Things like smokers, new chef’s knives, new grills, and so on can all make a man very happy. If he likes to cook, get him something to make his job easier.

Finally, any new shoes can always get a good response out of a guy. Most guys tend to not buy new shoes for years and years at a time, under the excuse of, “I already have a pair of shoes,” but a new pair really is a must-have.

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Gifts for Her

Men tend to see women as very complicated when it comes to buying gifts for them, but it really doesn’t have to be so hard. There are plenty of things that most women enjoy, and they’re not too hard to get ahold of.

New makeup and other beauty items can be great if you know what to look for. Try to avoid things like concealer or foundation if you don’t know exactly what tone to get, because if you get the wrong one, it won’t look right on her.

However, a safe makeup option would be something like a palette of eyeshadow. Even if it’s not something she’d normally use, many women love experimenting with different eyeshadow colors, and they can be used up pretty quickly. Any one you find from a good brand is a pretty safe bet.

Women also tend to enjoy spa, bath, and body type items. Anything from bath bombs to hydrating facial masks is a typical good choice. These things can be very relaxing and can also improve the condition of her skin.

Unless you know she doesn’t like it, try lavender as an easy choice for scent. Lavender has been shown to be rather relaxing, and in a time when most people are stressed out, that relaxing scent can be very helpful.

Just as men love cologne, women love perfume. If you’re going to get her perfume and you’re not sure what she likes, just try and get something nice at a solid price point. Cheap perfume tends to noticeably smell as cheap as it is, so go for something a bit pricier.

Of course, accessories are a great choice as well. Whether it be watches, necklaces, new sunglasses, or anything else, she’ll probably enjoy something new to wear. Try to go with something that fits her typical wardrobe, so she can actually wear it somewhat frequently.

If you opt for jewelry, you really can’t go wrong with anything that has diamonds. Granted, it is expensive to an extent, but real genuine diamonds always look fantastic. A pair of diamond earrings would be a perfect gift for any woman.

You can also find things that are pertinent to her interests. One fairly common interest among women is arts and crafts. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone, but plenty of women like working with their hands and making nice decorations.

Something like oil paints and a variety of sizes of canvases could give her a chance to tap into her creative mind and give her the relaxing break she needs from the rest of the chaos in her world.

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Christmas decorations

Gifts for Friends and Coworkers

When it comes to friends and coworkers, buying gifts can always be a bit confusing. You might not know their interests very well, and you’re not sure how much money to spend exactly.

Luckily, there are gifts that are more relevant to your mutual job than their interests, so you don’t have to worry about getting them something they won’t like. They’re also inexpensive, but without being so cheap that it’s insulting.

One easy option is a coffee mug of some type. If your coworker is a real coffee lover, then a large mug can allow them to hold a bunch of coffee at once. You can also get insulated mugs that keep their coffee warm throughout the day.

While it’s a bit of a cop-out, you can get away in some instances with just getting them a gift card. If it’s for a coworker that you don’t know too well or a friend you’re not overly familiar with, this can be a fine gift.

If you work an office job, then getting your coworkers some desk décor and gadgets can help them spruce up their workplace. There are tons of different things to decorate and use on desks, to fit any interest you might find.

For the scientifically inclined or interested, there are many neat little physics-based gadgets for desks that are readily available. For example, Newton’s Cradles are small and can demonstrate inertia, a great gift for anyone who likes things like that.

If someone in your office loves having things organized and in order, some unique little organizational décor could be a great gift for them. Something they’re likely missing is a cable organizer, something to keep things like phone chargers and other cables in line.

Many desk jobs can often involve waiting or thinking, so many desk gadgets involve some kind of fidgeting action so that your hands can keep working while you let your mind wander elsewhere.

These fidgeting toys can come in tons of different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Some involve magnets, others just let your hands keep moving, and so on. They’ve been shown to help with stress relief, something everyone could certainly use.

If someone’s sitting in a chair all day long, getting them a heated massage tool would probably benefit them greatly. These can be used to help back and neck pain, something many people get when they’re stationary all day long.

These devices feature kneading actions combined with slight heat, and are usually applied to the neck or lower back. The combination of the two allows them to get a massage at any time, even if they’re still working.


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Best Christmas 2021 Him, Her, Friends and Coworkers Gift Guide


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