Making a Special Anniversary Gift Basket

Putting together an anniversary gift basket can be really nerve-wracking. You want to make it special and the whole time you are thinking what if it’s not special enough. Rest assured that most of the time remembering an anniversary is part of the gift. That doesn’t mean that you’re completely let off with the gift.

You do need to choose something special and meaningful for your partner. A lot of the time an anniversary gift basket doesn’t have to be something big, a few small things that mean a lot to you both is enough to make your partner smile.

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An anniversary gift basket can come with a fancy bathrobe and slippers with a voucher for a spa treatment for both of you. This is a fun activity that you are your partner can do together. It’s relaxing and a great opportunity to spend quality time together. Often anniversary gift baskets can be teasers to things to come.

An anniversary gift basket that contains a selection of gourmet foods is a wonderful gift to give. Especially if those gourmet foods happen to be aphrodisiacs. Have little notes that explain the properties of the different types of food and what they are believed to do. You can also include some massage oil in this gift and promise plenty of back rubs.

If you haven’t already guessed all these anniversary gift baskets promise that you are going to be doing things together. Anniversary gifts should remind you and your partner of your bond to each other and your commitment. The promise of continued activities is a great way to say this, even if it is not being said directly.

You can also add circular objects as decorations to your gift baskets. Placing the gifts on top of a bed of round stones may seem unusual but they are symbolic of an everlasting love that is as solid as the rocks your gifts are sitting on. Unusual presentation is always a winner with anniversary gift baskets. Choose favourite colours or the colour scheme at your wedding for the wrapping and ribbons to lend special significance.

What ideas would you add to the Special Anniversary Gift Basket?

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Pretty young couple relaxing near bonfire in the forest at evening for their anniversary


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