Perfect Christmas 2021 Gamer Gift

If you know somebody who is stuck home, video games are quickly becoming one of the largest and most common forms of media and hobbies.

For people cooped up inside, it allows them to explore another world in a way. If the game is a multiplayer one, it allows them to get in touch with their friends in a way that they might not be able to do otherwise. Talking to friends over voice chat and interacting with them in a game is much better than just over text.

PC Gaming

PC gaming has become wildly popular, especially among teenage audiences, in the past few years. Part of the allure of PC gaming is that the gamers can pick out their own parts and assemble their own PC.

From the outside looking in, it seems like a complex process, but it’s really not that hard. Many young teens are fully capable of assembling their own PC assuming they just watch a few videos on it and work carefully.

Friends Playing Video Games

For an aspiring PC gamer, the best thing you can get them is a few parts. Certain parts are usually chosen by the individual themselves, but there are a few you can get them started with that anyone would be happy to own, and don’t need to be picked out precisely.

For example, a solid SSD would be a great start. This storage device will house their operating system and all of their files, so be sure to get one with plenty of storage space. Around a terabyte will do just fine.

If you can find one available, a good graphics card is also a fantastic option. These are often the most expensive part of the build, and for good reason. They’re a complex part that provides the best looking graphics for realistic looking games.

Assuming you already have an idea of what style the person wants to go for, a case is another great starting point. Once they have a case, they can start mounting the other parts into it as they buy them over time.

Monitors are also important for PC gaming. When it comes to the size of the screen, you don’t want to go with something too big, but not too small either. Around 25-27 inches is good for most people.

You should look for a monitor with a high refresh rate and a low response time. This will mean smoother animation and graphics with a higher refresh rate, and quicker reactions with the low response time.

As far as resolution goes, you should look for a monitor that has 1080p or higher, all the way up to 4K. Beyond that, and you’re going to see diminishing returns at that screen size.

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Christmas 2021 Gamer Gift Guide Must Have

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