Interview With Dr. Helen Bulbeck From Brainstrust

Empowering Lives: Dr. Helen Bulbeck’s Inspiring Journey with Brainstrust in Supporting Brain Tumour Patients

In this heartwarming conversation, we get a glimpse into the inspiring journey of Dr. Helen Bulbeck, one of the founders of Brainstrust, a charity dedicated to supporting people living with brain tumours. Claire, an intrigued interviewer, delves into the reasons behind Helen’s involvement and what led her to embark on this remarkable mission.

Interview with Dr Helen Bulbeck from Brainstrust

A Mother’s Journey:

Helen’s journey with Brainstrust began in 2004 when her daughter, Meg, was diagnosed with a brain tumour just a week before her 19th birthday. Shocked and overwhelmed, Helen shares the initial challenges they faced and the lack of support available for brain tumour patients and their families at the time. Determined to find a solution, the family set off on a path that would change their lives forever.

A Lifeline from Afar:

As they sought answers and explored options, a surprising connection with Rabbi Elra in Israel introduced them to a world of possibilities. Through Rabbi Elra’s network, they were recommended to two renowned neurosurgeons in the United States. This recommendation ultimately led them to Boston, where they discovered advanced technology that offered a glimmer of hope for Meg’s treatment.

A Positive Outcome:

With great courage and determination, Meg decided to undergo surgery in Boston. The family’s community rallied together, and through fundraising efforts, they not only covered the surgery costs but also had funds remaining. This surplus marked the birth of Brainstrust, a charity with a powerful mission to help others facing brain tumour challenges.

Building Brainstrust:

The conversation touches upon the founding of Brainstrust in 2006 and the charity’s focus on support services rather than research funding. Helen emphasizes the importance of empowering patients, providing them with resources, and creating a community of understanding and connection.

The Growing Impact:

As the interview unfolds, Claire acknowledges Brainstrust’s significant contribution to the brain tumour community. From regional meetups that foster support and camaraderie to the Brain Tumour Hub, a central repository of resources, Brainstrust continuously expands its reach to be the first point of contact for those in need.

A Vision for the Future:

Looking ahead, Helen shares her aspirations for Brainstrust, aiming to grow awareness and reach out to more individuals facing brain tumour diagnoses. The charity’s dedication to making a positive difference shines through as they continue to be a beacon of hope and support for patients and their families.


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