Podcast: Danielle’s Astrocytoma Story

Here is Danielle’s Astrocytoma story:

Danielle McGriskin from Lisburn, Northern Ireland, was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma in 2011. Danielle’s journey began at the tender age of 14 when she was diagnosed with Astrocytoma and hydrocephalus, commonly known as “water on the brain.” Over the years, she underwent a staggering number of operations, surpassing the twenty-mark, to address her hydrocephalus. Despite the surgeries, her symptoms persisted, prompting a referral from Belfast to Bristol in early 2013.

It was in Bristol that Danielle’s tumour was deemed active and necessitated treatment. After careful consideration, she underwent six weeks of IMRT Intensity-modulated radiation therapy from Christmas 2013 to 2014. The treatment yielded positive results, with her tumour shrinking by three millimetres. Although she continues to grapple with lingering symptoms, Danielle remains hopeful and proactive in her journey towards recovery.

One notable aspect of Danielle’s journey is her willingness to explore alternative therapies to alleviate her symptoms. Faced with the limitations of conventional pain medications, she turned to acupuncture, which has proven beneficial in managing her discomfort. Through her perseverance and openness to new approaches, Danielle exemplifies the importance of proactive self-care in navigating health challenges.

Beyond her journey, Danielle has become a passionate advocate for brain tumour awareness and research. Inspired by the support she received from the Samantha Dixon Brain Tumour Trust, Danielle embarked on a mission to raise funds and awareness for the cause. Her fundraising efforts, including organizing a Zumba night, have not only contributed to vital research but also garnered recognition, including prestigious awards such as the Diana Award and the Belfast Telegraph Making the Difference Award.

Reflecting on her advocacy work, Danielle emphasizes the pivotal role of her family and friends in her journey. Their unwavering support and encouragement have been instrumental in sustaining her through the ups and downs of her health challenges. In turn, Danielle’s resilience serves as a source of inspiration, motivating others to confront adversity with courage and determination. Danielle decided while she was going through her own battle that she wanted to help others. To date, she has helped other brain tumour research through The Brain Tumour Charity and raised well over £100,000.

Here is Danielle’s Astrocytoma story:

Diagnosed with a Brain Tumour and Hydrocephalus - Danielle McGriskin


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