Podcast: Joss Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Story

In this episode, we sit down with Joss, who shares her inspiring journey of triumph over epilepsy and a Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial tumour. From the initial onset of seizures to the path of recovery, Joss’s story is a testament to the resilience and the power of medical advancements.

Joss’s Triumph: Epilepsy And Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelia Tumour

Episode Highlights:

  • Joss’s Seizure Beginnings: At the age of 16, Joss’s life took an unexpected turn when she started experiencing seizures. Initially attributing them to déjà vu, she ignored the signs until she escalated.
  • Frightening Tennis Court Incident: While on vacation, a sudden incident on a tennis court involving running backwards with no recollection afterwards shocked Joss’s family and marked a pivotal moment.
  • The Diagnosis: Following the vacation, Joss’s family insisted on a medical evaluation, leading to MRI scans that revealed a tumour in her right temporal lobe, causing epilepsy.
  • Medication Challenges: Joss navigated three years of trying various medications to manage seizures. Some worsened her condition, leading to up to 15 seizures per week.
  • Surgical Solution: With medications providing limited relief, Joss’s medical team recommended surgery. In 2011, she underwent two operations at the National Hospital, marking a turning point in her journey.
  • Advances in Neuroimaging: Joss benefited from the advanced Neuroimaging Suite during her surgeries, ensuring precision and thoroughness in removing the tumour.
  • Post-Surgery Challenges: Joss shares the experience of swelling and recovery post-surgery, highlighting the complexities of the journey towards seizure freedom.
  • Life After Recovery: Since her operations, Joss has been seizure-free and has embraced life’s adventures, including bungee jumping, skydiving, and deep-sea diving.
  • Encouragement for Others: Joss’s advice to not let limitations hold you back resonates as she emphasizes the importance of communication with medical professionals while pursuing dreams.

Conclusion: Embark on an inspiring journey with Joss as she triumphs over epilepsy and a Dysembryoplastic tumour. Overcoming seizure challenges, her resilient recovery shines through against all odds.

You can find the interview also on YouTube if you prefer.



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