Podcast: Melinda’s Posterior Fossa Meningioma Story

We meet Melinda D’abbenigno, a brave individual who faced a life-altering challenge when she was diagnosed with a meningioma posterior fossa brain tumour in 2007. Her journey takes us through the highs and lows of her battle against the tumour and how her unwavering faith and the power of prayer played a significant role in her recovery. Throughout her experience, Melinda’s positive attitude, gratitude, and determination shine through as she shares her story of triumph over adversity.

Interview with Melinda D’abbenigno

Positive Attitude, Gratitude, and Determination

Melinda’s life took a dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with a meningioma located in the Posterior Fossa at the back of her head on the right-hand side. Initially attributing her symptoms to migraines, she experienced walking difficulties, violent headaches, and blurred vision. Urgently rushed to the hospital, she underwent emergency surgery to address hydrocephalus caused by the tumour’s swelling. Subsequently, she had another surgery to remove 80% of the brain tumour.

Throughout her hospital stay, Melinda encountered various challenges, including allergic reactions to medications. However, her strong faith and the power of prayer gave her a sense of peace and reassurance during this trying time. Despite sleepless nights and moments of weakness, she remained positive and believed in the miraculous healing power of prayer.

After enduring a month-long hospital stay, Melinda’s tumour remarkably reduced in size without requiring surgery or radiotherapy. She firmly believes that her recovery is a testament to the power of prayer. This life-changing experience strengthened her faith and transformed her perspective on life. Grateful for each day, Melinda now embraces opportunities to help and inspire others, encouraging them to stay positive and never lose hope in the face of adversity.

Melinda continues to live her life tumour-free

As Melinda continues to live her life tumour-free, she cherishes the lessons learned and holds steadfast to her belief in fate and the importance of treating others with kindness, giving back, and forgiving readily. Her journey through this challenging period led her to appreciate the value of every moment and the preciousness of life’s gifts.

The Diagnosis and Emergency Surgery:

Melinda’s journey began with subtle symptoms, such as unsteady walking and violent headaches. Misdiagnosed initially as migraines, her condition worsened, leading to blurred vision and hydrocephalus. A subsequent MRI revealed the brain tumour, prompting emergency surgery to remove the swelling caused by hydrocephalus.

A Moment of Faith and Peace:

In the aftermath of the operation, Melinda found herself weak and unsure of what the future held for her. Amidst this uncertainty, she turned to her faith for solace. Praying for guidance, she felt an overwhelming sense of peace and assurance that everything would be alright. This encounter fortified her belief and set the tone for the resilience she would display throughout her journey.

The Power of Prayer and Miraculous Healing:

Melinda’s recovery was not without challenges. Allergic reactions to medications and complications during the treatment process added to the difficulties. Nevertheless, the power of prayer became evident when, against the odds, the remaining 20% of the tumour disappeared without the need for radiotherapy. Melinda attributes this miraculous healing to the unwavering support and prayers from loved ones and the community.

Finding Purpose in Adversity:

Through her battle with the brain tumour, Melinda discovered her purpose in life. The experience made her stronger and deepened her faith, giving her a renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation for life. As a result, she feels empowered to help and encourage others facing similar challenges.

Melinda imparts valuable life lessons that she learned along her journey:

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated, making the world a better place.
  2. Give more than you receive, understanding that generosity brings happiness.
  3. Be slow to judge and quick to love, promoting understanding and empathy.
  4. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, finding joy in life’s blessings.
  5. Choose positivity over bitterness, embrace forgiveness and let go of grudges.
  6. Live each moment to the fullest, appreciating life’s precious gift.
  7. Have an attitude of gratitude.
  8. Be Bitter Or Better
  9. Forgive Easily
  10. Take Every Day A Gift

Embracing Fate and Looking to the Future:

Melinda firmly believes in fate and the purpose behind life’s challenges. Despite not knowing all that the future holds, she remains positive and committed to making the most of every opportunity. Her journey has opened doors to new possibilities, including the opportunity to connect with others and share her story.


Melinda D’abbenigno’s remarkable journey is a testament to the power of faith, the impact of prayer, and the strength of a positive attitude. Her inspiring story serves as a reminder that life’s challenges can lead to newfound purpose and that with faith and support, we can overcome even the most daunting obstacles. Melinda’s story continues to inspire hope and encouragement for those facing their own battles, demonstrating that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.



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