Podcast: Stefania’s Meningioma Story

Today on Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show, Stefania shares her journey from experiencing mysterious symptoms to her challenging diagnosis of a brain tumour. Stefania’s diagnosis changed her life and her family forever. She found strength from Brain Tumor Support, a charity providing invaluable aid and community to those affected. As she discusses the ongoing struggles with “hidden disabilities” and the importance of emotional support, Stefania highlights the critical role of Brain Tumor Support and the need for continued backing to keep its services running.

Stefania’s Meningioma Story


🎙️Diagnosis Journey:

Stefania recalls her initial symptoms while working as a bank auditor, experiencing confusion and difficulty communicating clearly, which she initially dismissed as work-related stress.

A casual mention of her symptoms during a call with her parents, particularly her father, a practising GP in Italy, leads to alarm and the decision to undergo medical checks.

Stefania’s visit to Italy for wedding preparations coincides with her undergoing an MRI, prompted by her father’s concern over her described symptoms.

The diagnosis of a brain tumour is revealed in a highly emotional moment, highlighting the profound impact on Stefania and her family.

🎙️The Path to Recovery

Stefania details her surgery and the post-operative challenges, including personality changes and the necessity of dealing with “collateral damage” from the tumour and surgery.

Despite the hardships, Stefania expresses gratitude for her recovery, albeit with significant lifestyle changes and adaptations due to brain fatigue and chronic migraines.

🎙️Brain Tumor Support:

Stefania highlights the crucial role of Brain Tumor Support, a charity that gave her a sense of community during her darkest times.

She emphasizes the organization’s personalized support services and the challenges it faces with funding, urging listeners to support the cause.

Join the urgent ⁠SOS Appeal.⁠



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