Podcast: Maxine’s Meningioma Story

In this episode of Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show, host Claire delves into the critical issue of brain tumours during Brain Tumour Awareness Month. Our guest, Maxine, shares her harrowing yet inspiring journey from mistaking her initial symptoms for perimenopause to undergoing a full craniotomy to remove a brain tumour. Maxine’s story highlights the challenges of diagnosis, the emotional and physical toll of treatment, and the importance of support from healthcare professionals, friends, and family. Through her experience, we explore the significance of raising awareness, the impact of support networks, and Maxine’s contributions to brain tumour research fundraising. This episode is a call to action to spread awareness and support research, underscored by Maxine’s powerful testimony and her message of hope and resilience.

Maxine talks about her symptoms, meningioma diagnosis, treatment and life after a brain tumour.

Maxine’s Meningioma Story


– Maxine’s journey begins with symptoms mistaken for perimenopause.
– A seizure after a spin class leads to the discovery of a brain tumour.
– The challenges of diagnosis, including multiple scans and the shock of learning about the tumour.
– Maxine’s experience with steroids, describing the physical and mental changes they induced.


–¬† A full craniotomy, the process, and the emotional rollercoaster that followed.
– Rehabilitation and the struggle with memory loss, sensitivity to noise, and adjusting to a new normal.


– The importance of support from friends, family, and healthcare professionals.
– Maxine’s charity work and fundraising efforts for brain tumour research.

Key Moments:

  • Misinterpreting brain tumour symptoms
  • Navigating the diagnosis and treatment process
  • The significance of support and awareness
  • Maxine’s impact on brain tumour research fundraising

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“Maxine talks about her meningioma and the effects it has had on her life. From symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. She also talks about why she is taking part in Brain Tumour Awareness Month”.


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