Podcast: Brenda’s Meningioma Story

Brenda shares her journey of being diagnosed with a brain tumour and undergoing surgery and radiation treatment. She talks about the strange symptoms leading up to the diagnosis, including memory lapses and severe headaches. Brenda’s resilience shines as she discusses her recovery and a newfound appreciation for life. She also emphasizes the importance of seeking multiple medical opinions and cherishing the support of loved ones. Through her advocacy work with the National Brain Tumor Society, Brenda strives to raise awareness and provide hope for others facing similar challenges.

From Diagnosis to Advocacy: One Woman’s Brain Tumor Story

Diagnosis and Early Symptoms

  • Brenda discusses her initial symptoms, which included severe headaches and memory lapses.
  • She shares the moment when she realized something was seriously wrong, such as taking the wrong signs for a house and getting lost while picking up her daughter from school.
  • Brenda reflects on her initial thoughts of attributing these issues to menopause and the confusion she experienced.

Escalation of Symptoms

  • Brenda describes the progression of her symptoms, including severe headaches, loss of keys, and a disorienting incident at her daughter’s concert.
  • She recalls a frightening incident where she couldn’t remember driving home and the subsequent vomiting episode.
  • Brenda talks about seeking comfort through prayer and her family’s support during this challenging time.

Diagnosis and Surgery

  • Brenda recounts the pivotal moment when doctors discovered the brain tumour through a CT scan.
  • She shares her reaction to the diagnosis and how she initially denied having a brain tumour.
  • Brenda highlights the importance of early diagnosis and medical intervention in such cases.
  • She talks about the successful surgery to remove the tumour and how it improved her hearing.

Post-Surgery Recovery

  • Brenda discusses her recovery process, including physical therapy to regain strength and balance.
  • She mentions her speech difficulties post-surgery and the challenges she faced with jumbled words during a seizure.
  • Brenda opens up about her ongoing battle with epilepsy and how she manages it.

Coping and Positive Changes

  • Brenda reflects on how the brain tumour experience changed her perspective on life.
  • She emphasizes the importance of advocating for one’s health and seeking second opinions.
  • Brenda shares her newfound purpose as an advocate for the National Brain Tumor Society.
  • She discusses the impact on her family dynamics and the need for support during recovery.

Faith and Resilience

  • Brenda talks about how her faith played a significant role in her journey and how she felt a deeper connection with God during her surgery.
  • She describes a powerful vision she had during the operation, where prayers from loved ones provided warmth and comfort.
  • Brenda emphasizes the importance of maintaining hope and faith during challenging times.


  • We conclude this episode with heartfelt gratitude for Brenda sharing her inspirational story of survival and resilience.
  • Her message of hope and advocacy serves as a beacon for those facing similar challenges.
  • Thank you for listening to this episode, and we hope you found it both enlightening and motivating.


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