Podcast: Rebecca’s Brain Tumour Story

In this episode, we listen to Rebecca’s amazing journey through health challenges like Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, brain tumours, and recovering from a stroke. Her story starts with an illness in 2013 that led to misdiagnosis and a critical seizure that revealed a brain tumour. Despite severe setbacks, including speech and motor skill difficulties and dealing with vertigo, Rebecca’s tale is filled with determination and hope. She talks about the immense support she received, her advocacy for better healthcare, and her part in the book “Birthing the Butterfly: A Woman of Wisdom,” showing the strength found in hope and community support.


Show Notes:

Rebecca’s Health Ordeal Begins:

Christmas 2013 marked the onset of Rebecca’s health challenges, leading to a misdiagnosis of Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. Her condition deteriorated rapidly, impacting her ability to work and leading to a dangerous seizure that nearly occurred while driving.

A Seizure and a Dismissal:

During a critical moment, Rebecca experienced what she believed to be a seizure, prompting an emergency room visit where she was ultimately sent home without proper evaluation, a dismissal that spurred her later advocacy for better healthcare.

Diagnosis and Shock:

After persistent symptoms and a referral for an MRI, Rebecca faced the life-altering diagnosis of a brain tumour. With her parents by her side, she navigated the emotional turmoil of the diagnosis and the immediate steps towards treatment.

The Battle for Recovery:

Post-surgery, Rebecca woke to find herself robbed of basic motor skills and communication abilities due to a stroke. The podcast delves into her rehabilitation journey, marked by frustration, determination, and gradual improvement.

Facing Additional Tumours:

Rebecca discusses the discovery of additional tumours and the ongoing monitoring that her condition necessitates, highlighting the complexities of living with brain tumours.

The Psychological Toll:

This segment explores the profound mental and emotional impact of Rebecca’s journey, including her fears, struggles with depression, and the challenge of finding support and understanding from others.

Signs of Improvement and Gratitude:

Rebecca reflects on the gradual improvements in her condition, her drive to reclaim her independence, and the overwhelming support she received from around the world, emphasizing the power of community and gratitude.

Giving Back Through Storytelling:

The discussion shifts to Rebecca’s decision to share her story widely, including her contribution to the book *Birthing the Butterfly, A Woman of Wisdom*. She explains her motivation to offer hope and support to others facing similar battles.

Acknowledgements and Thanks:

Rebecca extends her heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported her through her journey, from her family and friends to the strangers who sent their well-wishes, underscoring the difference that compassion and connection can make in the face of adversity.

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