How To Cope With Shopping After Brain Surgery

Is Shopping After Brain Surgery! Excellent or Nightmare for you?

You may find that things which were second nature to you before your surgery, such as grocery shopping or paying bills, is now very confusing which in hand can cause distress and upset.

You may find a trip to your local supermarket very confusing. Normal everyday situations can be a lot harder. It can really feel like sensory overload!

Things Mentioned in the Video

  • Go At Quieter Times to the Shops
  • Take a List
  • Ask For Help At The Counter
  • Take Advantage of Home Delivery
  • Take Somebody With You
  • Buy Noise-Reduction Headphones
  • Wear Tinted Glasses
  • Wear a Cap

What things would you suggest to cope with shopping after brain surgery?

Here Are Some Ideas To Cope With Shopping After Brain Surgery



  1. Lina
    / 9:11 am

    Just lists lists lists! I can’t remember anything and will get distracted by everything else and forget the one thing I went in for unless it’s written down.

    I hate it when supermarkets change their layouts though, because it confuses me so much. I also always use the self checkout or pay by card because I will get flustered if I’m asked for correct change because I can’t do mental arithmetic any more.

  2. / 3:34 pm

    I have a better time now they have contactless I was always leaving my bank card in machines. Now I just leave on random shelves or in the toilets.

    • ClaireB
      / 3:49 pm

      That is a great idea Marie! I forget about contactless cards.

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