Here is a Great Way to Help with Memory Problems!

Anyone who has been affected by a brain tumour or brain Injury will know that memory can be a problem.

Here is a great Way to Help with Memory Problems!

The one thing I still struggle to remember is – have I taken my medication or not. The best thing I ever did was buy a pill box case which tells me if I have taken them or not.

 If your tumour is or was in the Temporal Lobe, you may face some memory problems.

For the people who do have problems, it can be another battle to cope with.Tablet holder so you don't forget which you have or haven't taken that day

Give your brain some much needed TLC

 Something that will not help with our memory problems is an overactive brain. Have some time out and stay away from all kinds of technology. Laptops, computers, tv or anything that has a Blue Light. Just take a break from it. Even if it is only a few hours a day away from the screens.

The technology can really stress the brain out, and it can give you even more stress without you even realising it. Therefore, forgetting things and not being able to absorb information is all part of it.

There are lots of ways to remember things. Yes, it won’t happen overnight, but, it is all about re-training our brains.

The human brain is mind-blowing ‘no pun intended’ but, it really does have a computer of its own. The brain can adapt and change at any age. This ability is known as neuroplasticity. With the right stimulation, your brain can form new neural pathways, alter existing connections, and adapt.

Stay away from the blue light!

It seems to benefit young and old people alike that we need to re-charge our brains. Our memory for new information is especially fragile just after it has been taking in information. The brain uses downtime to cement what it has recently learnt. Taking breaks from the screens or regular periods of rest could help us all hold onto new memories.

Talk to yourself about it, I certainly do, talking to myself while I do things. Simply describing an event cements it in your mind.

In the age of information overload, it’s worth remembering that our phones and computers aren’t the only things that need a recharge.

The Facebook Feedback On Memory Problems:

I asked people “How do you deal with those situations and do you have those problems with memory?” in my Facebook Group

The feedback made us all laugh as we can all resonate with their conundrums.

“I double-check I’ve locked up every time without fail also have to double-check that I’ve got the keys with me a couple of times too. I have forgotten my knickers as well yes I have forgotten to put them on a few times I admit it. I went outdoors without my knickers on, my mother will be turning in her grave bless her, and oh I can hear my gran telling me off too, but I was only just recovering from Gamma Knife at the time haven’t done it since.”

“Me, I do that, and I check several times I have got my keys ever since I locked myself out once I am paranoid I like to have them in my hand now.”

“I’m constantly doing that!! I drive my husband nuts so now my daughter double-checks everything & when I’m done in the bathroom I yell out curling iron Unplugged!! It’s a horrible feeling & very time-consuming. we have been late to get somewhere because of it!”

“Yes, I would tell you the answers to all these questions, but I can’t remember.”

“I have a little trick that I do when I do things I say them out loud. ” front door locked”… “back door locked”. ” curling iron off and in the drawer” and I touch each door and drawer as I do it. I know it sounds stupid, but it works most of the time and since I usually have to travel a distance even to shop it puts my mind at ease.”

Our phones and computers aren’t the only things that need a recharge

“My boy can never remember the date even though he writes in school every day! His tumour is on the left side and wrapped around his optic nerve so if it’s in 24 font or larger he can readily see it – if not forget it.”

“People’s names are the worst one, I’m sure I know someone but can’t always place them or remember their name or even how I know them…. frustrating, I’m not unfriendly I just can’t remember. left cerebellopontine angle meningioma.”

“I once spaced out in a work meeting because I could not remember the name of one of my favourite co-workers who was sitting right across from me. I have 3 tumours: one in the right parietal lobe by the motor strip, one in the left temporal lobe and one in the left frontal lobe.”

How do you deal with those situations and do you have memory problems?


Here is a Great Way to Help with Memory Problems


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