Best Stress Relievers for Chronic Stress

There are two types of stress. One is short term, also known as acute stress. The other is chronic stress. Both can cause physical symptoms. If short term stress isn’t addressed, these physical symptoms get worse.

This will include things like muscle pain, fatigue, headaches, chest pain, high blood pressure and more. An example of short term stress is getting stuck in traffic, forgetting to pay a bill that was due that day, or having an argument with your spouse about something trivial.

Long term stress can be things like constant upheaval in your relationship with your spouse, financial problems, divorce, the death of a loved one, dealing with a medical condition, anxiety disorder or other mental health issues.

Because stress can impact your physical and mental health if you don’t address it, you want to have stress relief solutions that you rely on as part of a routine. If you’re proactive about stress, you can keep it from happening.

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Exercise, Meditation,

Believe it or not, exercise is a great way to keep stress away. That’s because exercising gives you a boost in endorphins or your feel-good chemicals and reduces the amount of cortisol, which is linked to stress.

Get involved with meditation. By learning meditation techniques, you can prevent stress because this habit is known to relax the body and keep emotions calm. The practice gives you the ability to be centred and prevents your response to little irritations from turning into stressors.

It helps to keep you centred in the present. Yoga is a great way to stave off stress. It’s something that you can start regardless of where you are physically and there are many different types of yoga you can try.


Some studies have found that yoga can reduce tension in the body as well as calm the nervous system. But it can also boost your mood and lower your blood pressure. Keep a healthy work/life balance.

You have to leave room in your schedule to do the activities that relax you or give you time off from responsibilities. This means learning to say no to anything that would overbook your time and energy.

Sleep Routine

Setting limits means understanding what you’re capable of dealing with before it allows stress to enter your life. Have a healthy sleep routine. Stress is more likely to be an issue when you don’t get enough sleep or don’t get the restful sleep that you need.

You also need to maintain a healthy diet. Eating poorly can cause stress because it can make you feel unwell. Learn how to practice stress prevention techniques such as not bottling up anything that bothers you.

Talk about it with a loved one or therapist or write it in your journal. You’ll find that there are some situations or people in life that seem to defy any stress prevention solutions. To deal with something like this, you would need to avoid that situation or person if possible. If not, practice a calming technique such as deep breathing, visualization or reframing your thoughts before you have to deal with it.

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