My Little Sister is Fighting An ATRT Brain Tumour

Kaitlyn Jabczenski, Ava’s big sister, has set up a Facebook Page called #TeamAva Facebook Page, which welcomes everyone to join Ava’s remarkable journey. This page will shed light on Ava’s ups and downs, giving an honest look into her life. Frequent updates will keep everyone informed about her progress.

I Want My Sister To Feel Special

Ava’s Brain Tumour Story

On May 18th 2019, Ava, my little sister, woke up, played in her soccer game, and later that evening developed a headache. A headache that continued into the next day and became worse as the day went on. Ava and our family ended up in the ER.  That evening we found out an Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumour ATRT was found in her right frontal lobe.
Ava had a gross total tumour resection. She had cranial/spinal proton and radiation followed by a modified Dana Farber protocol. What we thought had helped, Ava has since had two recurrences.
In 2020, she again had a gross total tumour resection, followed by Alisertib. The Alisertib did not work for her, and again, she had a recurrence. She went through yet another craniotomy. Unfortunately, with this surgery, she had some residual tumour, as it has now moved over to the left lobe. She then received IT Topotecan, which failed, and the tumour grew. Ava began photon radiation in November of 2021 and gamma knife in February 2022, and started Tazemetostat in January of 2022.
Ava was on Tazemetostat for 15 months with stable MRIs for over a year! Unfortunately, at the end of April 2023, she developed T Cell Lymphoma and will be undergoing treatment for the next two years.

Send Ava Encouragement #TeamAva

Come together and show support as we help Ava beat ATRT and T Cell Lymphoma.

In a world brimming with challenges, Ava emerges as a symbol of unwavering strength. Her story teaches us that courage can conquer any challenge and that every setback is a chance to rise higher. Ava’s determination to fight back shines brightly as she faces her trials head-on. Through surgeries and treatments, her remarkable bravery becomes a guiding light, inspiring us all.

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