Podcast: Garrett’s Ganglioglioma Story

In this episode of the Aunty M Brain Tumours Talk Show, we hear from Garrett Miller, who shares his moving story of being diagnosed with a ganglioglioma, which is an infrequent tumour of the central nervous system, a brain tumour as a child. He recounts his early symptoms, like seizures that were initially dismissed as fainting spells, leading to the shocking discovery of a Ganglioglioma after a grand mal seizure. Garrett describes the struggles and fears he faced, including surgeries that resulted in partial paralysis. He talks candidly about the physical and emotional struggles during his recovery, the return of seizures during his college years, and the impact on his work and social life. Despite these hardships, Garrett finds solace in nature and is currently studying forestry and wildlife management. The episode delves into his mental health journey, highlighting the importance of therapy in understanding and coping with the effects of his Ganglioglioma. Garrett expresses gratitude to those who’ve supported him, including therapists and friends.

Candid Interview With Garrett Miller

Early Symptoms and Diagnosis:

– Garrett recalls the onset of seizures in private and a significant grand mal seizure in the fourth grade.

– Initial misdiagnosis as a fainting spell, followed by another grand mal seizure at his mother’s work Christmas party.

– First ambulance ride and MRI revealed a brain tumour.

Understanding and Facing the Tumour:

– Garrett’s perspective on not fully understanding what a brain tumour meant at his young age.

– Undergoing surgery for a biopsy and discovering the tumour was a Ganglioglioma.

– Experiencing partial paralysis after a second surgery, leaving 5% of the tumour to avoid complete paralysis.

Surgery and Recovery:

– Garrett shares memories of intense headaches and the surprising paralysis post-surgery.

– Rehabilitation journey, including relearning to walk and finding solace in playing video games with a pastor.

Life with Seizures and Rehabilitation:

– Garrett discusses the cessation of seizures post-surgery, their return during college, and the challenges and embarrassments faced.

– He shares a hurtful experience with his ex during a seizure.

Medication and Work Challenges:

– Garrett talks about his ongoing seizure medication regimen and the last seizure he experienced due to missed medication.

– He recounts discrimination and challenges in his career due to his physical limitations.

Pursuing New Passions:

– Garrett is currently studying forestry and wildlife management, shifting his focus for personal growth and happiness.

– He shares his active involvement in outdoor activities, highlighting the therapeutic nature of being in nature and community engagement.

Addressing Mental Health and Therapy:

– Reflections on the lack of psychological support post-surgery and how therapy is helping him now.

– Discussion about the impact of the brain tumour on his personality and emotions and the importance of therapy in his healing process.

Living with the Aftermath:

– Garrett opens up about his ongoing concerns regarding the tumour and his mental state.

– He describes the challenges of physical limitations and public perception.

Gratitude and Acknowledgments:

– He expresses his thanks to influential people in his life, including therapists and support group leaders.



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