Books and Journals available by Claire Bullimore

A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale: Cards On The Table, I Pooed Myself Book

Claire Bullimore had it all: a good job, wonderful boyfriend, lovely friends, but she also had something she didn’t want – a brain tumour. 12 years after the shock diagnosis, life-saving surgery and years of rehabilitation, Claire has written a book to help other people when their life does not go according to plan.

This book is the story of hope, of recovery and what happens when life doesn’t go according to your plan. Claire realised she had gained so much helpful information from her experience over the past 12 years that she could put it all into a very relatable book that she hopes can change people‚Äôs lives. Not just the survivor, but their loved ones, who will gain a better understanding of how to assist, be kind and patient. Often they are dealing with a perceived new person, as brain tumours can cause fundamental changes, both mentally and physically.

Brain Surgery Recovery

You may have been diagnosed yesterday or 20 years ago? There is no end date to needing support post-diagnosis. That is what this Recovery Journal is here for. Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a recognised mindfulness exercise to relieve stress and anxiety. Use this Brain Tumour Recovery Journal to help build positive thoughts and proactive reminders.

It can be very daunting to ask for money from people, even though you know it is for an amazing cause. Trying to raise money for a fundraiser is not easy and if you don’t have a good strategy you may not reach your target. Therefore I want to help you reach your goal. I have designed this Social Media Fundraising Planner to give you tons of practical ideas and suggestions. I hope you find this Social Media Fundraising Planner very helpful and wish you all the best in reaching your goal.