Aunty M Brain Tumours: A Community for People Affected by a Brain Tumour.

We’re on a mission to let people share their stories and raise awareness for brain tumours. Together, we’re making it possible for people to thrive in an unexpected world.

Brain Tumour Community

Essentials For Emotional Days

Here are the top 8 essentials for those emotional days when you are feeling low: It is completely understandable if you are feeling emotionally exhausted. Going…


Top 10 Games To Exercise Your Brain

Looking for the best games to exercise your brain? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you have dealt with a brain tumour or just want to…


10 Best Gifts For Women Having Chemo

When you find out your friend has cancer and they need to go through chemo, your first feeling will no doubt be of SHOCK and…


Top 10 Ways To Stay Focused During Conversations

Do you know that awkward moment, when you didn’t hear what somebody has said, so you smile and hope it wasn’t a question? Everyone can…


Feel Better About Yourself With These 4 Ways

It can be so easy to only see the negative side of our life If you stood back and saw your life in a movie.…


Gift Ideas for a Friend in the Hospital or Recovery

While someone is in the hospital or recovering from treatment, gifts that keep people busy are very welcomed. I was in the hospital for 17…


Ways To Deal With Personality Changes

Personality Change is one of the hardest things to cope with for everybody I was a nightmare leading up to my diagnosis and even more…


Brain Tumour Survivor: How To De-Stress Yourself In Hard Times

It is not easy to have a brain tumour. Sometimes brain tumours may cause changes in behaviour. This usually happens when a tumour is in…


My Son Was Diagnosed With An Ependymoma

Interview With Linda Rickford:  The day Linda was told her son had an ependymoma was the day her life changed forever. After going through a Knightmare…


How To Cope With Shopping After Brain Surgery

Is Shopping After Brain Surgery! Excellent or Nightmare for you? You may find that things which were second nature to you before your surgery, such…


Leon Will Not Let His Brain Cancer Steal His Sense Of Humour

53-year-old Leon Jefferson has been fighting brain cancer for over seven years. In this interview with Aunty M Brain Tumours, he talks about his diagnosis…


Brain Tumour Recovery Journal

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