Brain Tumour Recovery Journal

Brain Tumour Recovery Journal I have been writing in diaries, journals and to-do lists since I was eight years old. Since my Brain Surgery, I have…


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21 Best Christmas Gifts For Post Surgery Patients

What on earth do you buy a person who has just had brain surgery or treatment around the Christmas period? I absolutely love when Christmas…


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Puzzles For Brain Tumour Patients

Here is your list of best puzzles for brain tumour patients to improve your memory and coordination: When you have a brain tumour, there are…


Essentials For The New You After Brain Surgery

Here are the top 10 essentials for the new you after brain surgery Essential #1 Encouraging Mug Essential #2 Be Strong & Courageous Journal  Essential…


Books To Encourage You In Hard Times

Here are the 10 Best Books to encourage you in hard times: Girl, Wash Your Face    You’re Going To Be Okay    Brave Enough …


Best Christmas Gifts for Carers

Here are the best Christmas gifts for carers: Carer Mug   Keychain   Hanging Sign Carer’s Survival Kit    Tote Bag   Fridge Magnet  Water…


Essentials For Emotional Days

Here are the top 8 essentials for those emotional days when you are feeling low: It is completely understandable if you are feeling emotionally exhausted. Going…


Top 10 Games To Exercise Your Brain

Looking for the best games to exercise your brain? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you have dealt with a brain tumour or just want to…

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