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Mother of 4 was Diagnosed with a Hemangioblastoma

Jo Barlow mother of 4 was diagnosed with a Hemangioblastoma in 2016. After being given the frightening diagnosis that she had a Hemangioblastoma. Thankfully, after successful brain…


My Brain Tumour Left Me In A Mess

My Brain Tumour Left Me In A Mess. I know we all have trials, some more than others. But God loves me, and He is…


My Brain Tumour Left Me Incredibly Positive

My Brain Tumour Left Me Incredibly Positive – Laptop Philharmonic In July 2016 I had the pleasure of interviewing ‘musician’ Sam, aka Laptop Philharmonic. You…


My Son Was Diagnosed With An Ependymoma

Interview With Linda Rickford:  The day Linda was told her son had an ependymoma was the day her life changed forever. After going through a Knightmare…


Leon Will Not Let His Brain Cancer Steal His Sense Of Humour

53-year-old Leon Jefferson has been fighting brain cancer for over seven years. In this interview with Aunty M Brain Tumours, he talks about his diagnosis…


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