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Claire Bullimore Founder of Aunty M Brain Tumours. Brain Tumour Support Online,
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Welcome to Aunty M Brain Tumours

Hi, I am Claire Bullimore.

Why the heck would I want to get involved with brain tumours? 

Well, because being told you or your loved one has ‘a brain tumour’ is a life-changing event. I was told I had a brain tumour in 2008 when I was only 25. I had a 10cm Intraventricular Meningioma and had to go through surgery to have it removed. I know the struggles that come with this devastating diagnosis and the life-changing effect it can have on a persons life.

Claire Bullimore Intraventricular Meningioma, scan. Find out more on Aunty M Brain Tumour's
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Claire's MRI Scan in 2008: My Story ‘A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale'.

What is Aunty M Brain Tumours? 

Aunty M Brain Tumours is an online support network. Giving a place for people to share stories and help to raise awareness of brain tumours.

You can connect with others online and also help raise awareness of brain tumours by sharing your personal stories and getting involved with brain tumour campaigns.

Join The Aunty M Brain Tumours Facebook Page or Twitter.

Meet Others In The Private Facebook Group and make new friends.

History of Aunty M Brain Tumours?

Aunty M Brain Tumours was set up in 2011. Social media was only just getting going, and there were very few places to find support online for brain tumour sufferers, or survivors unless you searched the web really hard.

I started Aunty M Brain Tumours on the 23rd May 2011. It was my 3rd Cranniversary. I wanted to celebrate my 3rd year since my brain surgery (craniotomy) and start something new.

I set up a facebook page to connect with others. This grew and I was soon on a number of other social media platforms with over 16,000 followers. In 2013 I was invited to be a radio presenter on a local station which was via podcast and was able to have a show dedicated to people affected by a brain tumour.

To show I am not just talking the talk, I also walk the walk. You can find me in a number of publications raising awareness of brain tumours. Such as The Sun, Choice Magazine, Best Magazine and Bella Magazine.

I went on a UK Book Tour to promote my first book and was able to do this through Crowdfunding.

Why Do I Interview People About Their Stories?

When I left college I went into recruitment as a Resourcer. I was the person reading through people's CV's and matching them with the right jobs. I would need to interview candidates and tidy up there resumes. So, interviewing people comes naturally to me. I am inspired every day by the people I meet and hear their stories.


I am here to inspire and motivate you. Let’s do this journey together.



Seen In The Media

A Brain Tumour’s Travel Tale

You can buy your own copy here:

Kindle Version – Buy Here

Paperback (New Version) – Buy Here

AudioBook – Buy Here



I have met some amazing people:

Claire Bullimore and Aunty M Brain Tumour's meets Josh and Dawn from The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity
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Claire Bullimore and Aunty M Brain Tumours meets BTRS in Leeds (Brain Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire
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Claire Bullimore and Aunty M Brain Tumours meets Brain Tumour Support in St Austall
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Claire Bullimore and Aunty M Brain Tumours joined Brain Tumour Research at their Plymouth Research Centre
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Claire Bullimore and Aunty M Brain Tumours meet The Katy Holmes Trust
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